American Businessman, Radio Personality,

Author, Speaker & Investor

Creator of Preventative Wealth Care®

Mr. Litfin is passionate about sharing his deep knowledge of the global economic landscape and the ever-changing investment industry. He is a highly respected financial professional who helps investors, institutions, and all types of other financial professionals alike.

Ryan earned degrees in Finance & Economics from Gustavus Adolphus College and has been engaged in the financial industry for nearly 15 years. His experience extends across a variety of continents including North America, Europe, and Australia, as well as valuable time spent at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade.

As Co-founder & Managing Partner of Minneapolis-based Vincent Asset & Vincent Private Wealth, a Private Client Services investment firm doing business nationwide, as well as Vincent Real Estate, a full spectrum real estate investment & development firm and Vincent Energy, a company involved in the acquisition and direct ownership of oil and gas. Ryan systematically navigates a path to simplify and clarify an investor’s needs. Vincent Companies has built its strong reputation on providing modern-day investment and financial products as well as helping Clients implement Preventative Wealth Care®. Mr. Litfin is also a Co-founder of Chicago-based hedge fund firm East West Global Funds, which creates unique principal protected growth and income funds.

While on-the-air as an award-winning co-host of the long-running show, Financial Fortitude, he prides himself on being unbiased and objective when it comes to helping investors and financial professionals alike. His dedication to the show’s slogan, America’s Investor Advocacy Show, comes through loud and clear as he’s willing to expose any problem in the industry as well as provide solutions to those problems. His seriousness on the show is often interrupted by his down-to-earth and relatable humor.